The art and science of acupuncture and chinese medicine. Located in Richmond Virginia, West End Eastern Medicine Acupuncture and Wellness is honored to continue the ancient traditions of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

With each patient, Eastern principles and alternative wellness practices are blended to create a customized treatment specific to each individual.

We are strongly committed to working in partnership with our patients to enhance their quality of life and bring them true healing.

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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Offerings

We have treated a variety of conditions with clinical success. We are strongly committed to working in partnership with patients to enhance their quality of life and bring them true healing through:

Acupuncture — To help strengthen and balance your body’s life force energy known as Qi (pronounced chee).

Chinese Herbal Therapy — To internally treat all conditions of your body.

Cupping — To treat low backache, sprains, soft tissue injuries, and help relieve chronic bronchitis, asthma and chest colds.

Gua Sha — To treat both acute and chronic disorders, typically musculo-skeletal pain.

Tuina — To treat a variety of conditions and to complement other forms of Chinese medicine.

Life Counseling — To help you understand where in your life your energy is being depleted, and how to regain control of your flow.

Meditation and Breathing Techniques — To train your mind to be uncluttered and unbending to turmoil.

Nutritional Guidance — To help speed the recovery process and change the Qi flow within your digestive system.

Additional Massage Work — To reduce pain and stress, increase circulation and enhance the bio-mechanics of your body.

Read more detailed information on each treatment here.

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Gift Certificates

If you love the treatments you receive at West End Eastern Medicine and would to like to share with family and friends, we offer gift certificates for initial and follow-up visits. Gift certificates for a series of treatments are also available. Call our office to purchase – 804-437-1947

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