Treating allergies with acupunctureAfter a seemingly endless winter, storm-weary Richmonders will soon be welcoming spring with an extra measure of gratitude. We are fortunate to be able to enjoy some cool spring days rather than rushing headlong into the 80’s and 90’s without a gradual transition. Even so, emerging from the hibernation of winter can present some health challenges. Here are some simple seasonal health tips for making the adjustment a little more graceful.

Allergies: Causes and Treatment Strategies

A few days ago I ran into an old friend in a yoga class. He asked my opinion on a popular supplement and its use for treating allergies. Apparently, everyone was raving about it. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treats each person individually based on constitution and health history. We seek to resolve the root cause rather than placing a band aid on the symptoms. There is no single supplement or herb that is right for everyone. If you are experiencing seasonal allergies, it is important holistically to address the cause.

TCM views allergies and sinusitis as one disease with two different imbalances in the body. When allergy symptoms first appear, the allergens (known as wind cold or wind heat), cause sneezing and runny nose due to an underlying constitutional deficiency. This low body energy is viewed as a weakened immune system (or Wei Qi) and relates to the lung and entire respiratory system. With the addition of itchy watery eyes, we find the liver function is weak because the eyes correspond to the liver.

Here at West End Eastern Medicine, we provide an acupuncture treatment plan designed specifically for your symptoms and constitutional needs. The initial focus is to treat the symptoms followed by strengthening the underlying deficiencies. Over the years, I have heard countless allergy patients say they could feel their sinuses clearing while on the treatment table. Along with acupuncture treatments, you will receive dietary recommendations and herbal formulas as we work together to achieve immune harmony. Many patients enjoy complete relief during the season and some never have a difficult pollen season again.