richmond chinese medicine |West End Eastern MedicineFor thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been devoted to nourishing and transforming the whole person. The intention of TCM is to restore and maintain balance and harmony through this highly refined medical system modeled on nature. This mind-body view reaches beyond the physical to consider the true essence of each person, including one’s mental and emotional being.

Although TCM refers to a number of practices, the most recognized and widely used modalities are acupuncture and herbal therapy. In addition to these, nutritional guidance, Chinese clinical massage (Tuina), lifestyle counseling, breathing and meditation techniques are among the commonly practiced branches of traditional Chinese healing.


Acupuncture helps strengthen and balance the body’s life force energy known as Qi (pronounced chee.) When Qi is blocked or weakened, disease can be the end result. By gently stimulating acupuncture points with hair-thin, sterile, disposable pins, energy pathways are opened, allowing the Qi to flow freely through the body’s organ systems and meridians (pathways not unlike the nervous system.) Through this process, acupuncture taps into the body’s innate ability to heal itself by promoting a state of harmony. [learn more…]

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs are administered in different forms that are selected based on the individual’s lifestyle. Raw herbs can be easily cooked and sipped as a tea. Other options include powders, tinctures, capsules and tablets. Chinese Herbal Medicine works in conjunction with acupuncture. When the two are combined with nutritional therapy benefits are often enhanced.

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