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If you have wanted to try yoga for years or want to improve your practice, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to ongoing individual instruction, we will be offering a 4-week alignment-based flow yoga class in a safe, nurturing environment.

Our 4-week series, which is adaptable for all levels, will be held on the following dates:

Wed. July 1st: 6-7:15PM

Wed. July 8th: 6-7:15PM

Wed. July 15th: 6-7:15PM

Wed. July 22nd: 6-7:15PM

The cost for each class is $10. Please bring your own mat. In the coming months, we will offer workshop and mini-retreats as well. You can check our website for more details by clicking this link. If you are on Facebook, please remember to “LIKE” West End Eastern Medicine.

Teaching since 1992, Susan is well versed in anatomy, breathing techniques, and modifications that allow yoga to become accessible to anyone. She offers different variations in her classes that are suitable for those who are just learning about yoga, but also appropriate for those who practice regularly. Susan’s classes work in conjunction with acupuncture to reduce stress and pain and help you work through tight muscles to find space and ease.
Yoga is not exclusive to a certain group of people. There are no prerequisites or conditions one must meet to be able to practice. Yoga literally translates to “union” or “to join”. It is a bringing together of all the aspects of a person’s being: body, mind, and spirit. By tuning into our bodies and journeying through different poses, we learn about our minds and begin to compassionately observe our responses to the poses that we are less familiar with. Yoga allows us to peel off the layers and arrive where the current moment brings us with peace and awareness.

A fully integrated yoga practice includes a healthy and strong body, a clear and calm mind, and a compassionate and loving heart. Join Susan as we explore physical postures with mindful awareness to deepen your practice. With dedication and consistency, these efforts will provide a heightened sense of balance in your daily life, with a noticeable decrease in stress, anxiety, pain, and much more.

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