Patient testimonials for acupuncture and other treatments from West End Eastern MedicineWe are totally focused on our patient’s well being and it’s always gratifying to hear from them about how our treatments have improved their lives. Below is a sampling of the testimonials we regularly receive.

Dear Susan,
Just wanted to send you an e-mail to say thank you for all your help in the past year and to let you know how great my neck feels after our acupuncture/gua sha session two weeks ago. After being rear-ended on Interstate 95 by a large pick-up truck… I was afraid that I would be dealing with chronic neck problems for years to come. During our most recent session, I mentioned the accident and whiplash and although it was not the reason for the visit, you offered to work on the tightness in my neck in addition to handling issues associated with my regular visits. I couldn’t be more grateful because 24 hours after our treatment, my neck felt so much more free than when I entered. Two days later and still two weeks later, my neck feels like it did before the accident. Thank you so much Susan for being so gracious with your time and knowledge. It really does mean a lot.
Thank you again Susan for all that you do.
With deepest gratitude,
You provide the perfect balance of knowledge, skill and intuition. Your treatments have been an integral part of my healing. My back is feeling MUCH better. Great treatment!

My back felt fantastic after the treatment. I feel exponentially better.

I can’t imagine not coming once a month for a maintenance treatment.
My leg pain was completely cured by your last treatment.

I have much greater freedom of movement in my neck and overall increased range of motion since the treatment.

I wanted to call and tell you that I woke up this morning and my back pain is totally gone. It’s just totally amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
My shoulder feels 500% better after your recent treatment. I particularly enjoyed the combination of massage, warming oil, GuaSha and acupressure which accelerated my healing process. I felt almost immediate relief and was able to give a massage after the treatment.

I have been going to Susan for acupuncture and massage for 2 months. At first, I was a little timid, needles and all, but I am open to new experiences and non traditional medicine. I have found the sessions to be both relaxing and energizing. Through Susan’s intuition and gentle guidance, I am exploring some deeper issues that may be affecting my physical body. The sessions seem to have a cumulative effect. I have benefited from the massage and have less muscle tension . I am very pleased with our progress together and feel acupuncture, relaxation and self-knowing, and Susan’s expertise, are helping me age a little more graceful.
When I was here for the last treatment, I really had trouble with swelling in my ankles and feet. My feet were like big puff balls. You really took care of that. It turned right around. They were normal size the next day after the treatment.
I have been seeing Susan Sandlin for several years for acupuncture and it has been very rewarding. I used to travel two hours to find someone of her expertise and knowledge. Susan is truly gifted and the results have been a blessing in my life. Susan also takes time to really find out what is going on as well before she starts a treatment. I feel like I am really being heard and we open dialogue about my treatments. How refreshing!

I was diagnosed with asthma some years ago and have managed the condition with standard medication. I recently found myself requiring the medication more often so I decided to investigate alternative methods of treatment. I contacted Susan Sandlin at WEEM – West End Eastern Medicine for a consultation.
 After the first session I experienced the power of acupuncture. I was driving home and had to stop the car in order to expel the mucus from my lungs and airways. This was a new experience! Instead of merely suppressing symptoms of blockage, which is the result of using medication, the acupuncture treatment actually allowed the cause (mucus) to be broken up and removed. Acupuncture is an extremely effective method to deal with asthma and I look forward to maintaining my condition or actually lack of symptoms with continued acupuncture.

…fingers like homing devices! Susan was able to isolate the specific point of my knee pain. The subsequent massage and acupuncture treatments have greatly reduced the inflammation and reduced the pain. Thank you so much, Susan!

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