Winter 2016 workshop review by Susan Sandlin

Winter 2016 workshop review by Susan Sandlin

As published in Medicinal Roots Magazine – Winter 2016 Edition

By Susan Sandlin

Review for Alex Tiberi – Shen Disorders Workshop

Alex Tiberi is down to earth, warm, and caring. He has a deep love and respect for Chinese Medicine and it shows in his presentation style. I find listening to him very motivating. As both a professor and clinician, his experience is vast and he is willing to share not only from the Korean family tradition in which he was originally trained, but also from his years of being in clinic. Alex has a good sense of humor which keeps his teaching lively.

After more than a decade of clinical practice, I have often wished for more training in the area of psychiatric conditions or Shen Disorders. Working with Shen-disturbed patients requires a special presence of mind and the more tools available, the better. This workshop gave me tools I had been wanting for years.

This category is broad and certainly many conditions have a Shen component, but the Shen Disorders category pertains to even more conditions than I had previously realized.   Alex applies this information to modern patients in a fascinating manner. He offers pattern-based treatments not only for anxiety, which is exceedingly common, but also for overwhelm, memory loss, and body dysmorphic disorders.

Much of the information Alex provides is innovative and unique to this workshop. His explanation of the six types i.e.: Greater Yang, Greater Yin, etc., gave me more tools for working with the individual strengths and characteristics of each patient. On Day 2 of the presentation, there is an overview of the eye treatments I don’t recall learning before. CFS is another condition we often see in clinic and he discussed some very interesting treatment approaches. As a pediatrics specialist, Alex includes treatment information on everything from colicky babies to autism. For those interested in pediatrics, this workshop provides some very unique concepts.

I love taking workshops that offer immediately applicable information. This is definitely one of those. Some workshops I have attended have required that I learn a new technique or way of thinking. While I was eventually able to use the methods, they did not necessarily become immediately comfortable and required some practice. In fact, I was able to clinically apply some of this information after listening to the first section of Day 1.

Shen Disorders is incredibly valuable and I believe there are some principles that could apply to almost every patient. The point prescriptions are wonderful and some are quite unique. Alex teaches an appropriate balance of herbal formulas and acupuncture techniques. While this workshop includes many amazing ideas for herbal treatment, it is not too heavy on herbal information like I have found some to be.

Beyond the obvious advantages of not having to travel, a great benefit of this format is that you have the opportunity to replay a profound comment and to listen to it again and again. I wish I had taken this workshop years ago.